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Progentra worked for me in just a month!

I ordered Progentra last month. I was really convinced that it would take Progentra as instructed. I mean, I really followed it to the letter. I set alarms for taking Progentra every morning, and several weeks later, here I am – 2 inches longer! I can’t believe it! I finally got something online that really works. Progentra really has awesome results! I’m definitely placing my next order once I run out of pills. Great job, guys!

Kevin D

Richmond, VA

I got my Progentra results in less than a month.

To be fair, I had doubted Progentra at first. I knew then that penis enlargement was just a myth, but after seeing all the critics and experts discussing Progentra results, I knew that this pill was different. I ordered a month’s supply of Progentra, and before I was done with my first bottle, I noticed that I was really bigger and my libido was through the roof! I never felt like this before, and this is all thanks to one amazing penis pill.

Peter L.

Las Vegas, NV

It was Progentra after all.

I had a college boyfriend, and we went out for a couple of years. After 5 years, we saw each other again and hit it off almost immediately. Things went pretty fast from the second first date to the bedroom. Once I got a glimpse of his penis I knew that it was bigger than before. It was HUGE! In fact, it was bigger than anything I’ve ever seen! I asked him about it, and although he really didn’t want to admit it, he confessed that it was Progentra after all.

Laila S.

Boston, MA

Progentra is my last penis pill.

I’ve tried dozens of penis enlargement products before. I’ve tried hydro pumps and gels. Of course none of those work. I’ve even had the nasty experience of having pustules and rashes on my penis because of those products. Thankfully, I got introduced to Progentra. I did my research, and everything in the science department checked out. It was impressive. I felt the penis growth effect from the first time I took the pill. The real Progentra results came a month later. My erections were really bigger! I may have taken more than 10 products, but this is really the first time that it worked. AMAZING!

Walter P.

Detroit, MI

Progentra is better than Viagra!

I’m only 45, but I’ve been taking erectile dysfunction medicine for the last 5 years. I know, it’s pretty early for me to start losing the ability to have erections, but those little blue pills were all I have to lead a normal life. After a while, my body started to have a resistance to those pills. I asked my doctor to replace em with something else, but even Cialis didn’t work. I checked online and got Progentra. After the first dose, I knew that it was really better than anything I have ever used. It was like BAM! And my erection went into overdrive. It was intense, and I love it!

Steve K.

Chicago, IL

My boyfriend’s penis is as big as my arm!

My boyfriend and I started dating about 4 years ago, and to be honest, I never had any complaints about the size of his manhood. I was a little gal, and things fit perfectly – or so I thought. My boyfriend started taking Progentra, and before I knew it, things were getting pretty tight when we’re having sex. At one point, we couldn’t even get his penis inside. It was too big! I compared it with my arm, and it’s about the same size. No wonder it can’t fit. Thankfully, he has the stamina to last through foreplay and loosen me up a bit. Ever since Progentra, sex has been amazing!

Bella T.

Los Angeles, CA

Progentra is perfect for old geezers like me.

At my age, some kids call me grandpa now. I’ve been single all my life, and as I get older, my choice of women remain the same – young, loose, and gullible. Throughout the years, I managed to keep my physique and looks acceptable, but one thing I keep losing to time is my libido. There are times when I can’t get it up. I got Progentra specifically for that, and I was pleasantly amazed that it worked from the get-go. Ever since I had Progentra, I never had an ‘incident’ again.

Wilson P.

Miami, FL

Progentra is my first penis pill.

I bought Progentra a couple of months back, and I was amazed at how it worked for me. My libido was great, and sex became amazing. Since it was my first penis pill, I thought that every other penis pill was like Progentra. I tried two other brands, and it almost killed the experience for me. I felt nothing after taking those two other brands. I knew I had to switch back to Progentra. Now, I have just gone through with my first supply. I came back to order three more Progentra bottles!

Andrew M.

Seattle, WA

Nothing works like Progentra.

Say what you will about Progentra – but it really does work. I have never experienced anything as intense as Progentra. I have only taken Progentra for a month, but it works like I’ve taken it for years. I bought Progentra for its penis enlargement effect, and I was not disappointed. That thing worked in less than a month! I tell you this – as long as you take it daily, you’ll get Progentra results!

Dennis A.

New York, NY


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